Past J-5 Public Affairs Officers

The J-5 is the Brigade Public Affairs Officer. They are responsible for photographing the several events held by the Brigade throughout the year. The occupant of this billet usually holds the rank of Cadet Major (c/MAJ, c/Maj) or Cadet Lieutenant Commander (c/LCDR), though a cadet in a higher rank may be appointed.

2015 - c/MAJ Mekayla Korpinen, San Diego High School

2014 - c/MAJ Jenny Nguyen, Madison High School

2013 - c/Maj Syndy Castaniaga, Mira Mesa High School

2012 - c/LCDR Monica Montemayor, Patrick Henry High School

2011 - c/MAJ Bryant To, Madison High School

2010 - c/CDR Sarah Robinson, Point Loma High School

2009 - c/Lt Col Tina Ho, Scripps Ranch High School

2008 - c/LTC Susan Yang, Madison High School

2007 - c/CDR Benet Deweese, Serra High School

2006 - c/LTC Christina Phan, San Diego High School

2005 - c/LTC Darrell Enriquez, Morse High School

2004 - c/LTC Thomas Lai, Hoover High School

2003 - c/LTC Saramay Shirazi, Madison High School

2002 - c/LTC Saramay Shirazi, Madison High School

Position Established - SY 2001-2002