Past Command Sergeant Majors

The Brigade Command Senior Enlisted is the highest-ranking enlisted cadet in the entire San Diego Unified School District Joint Brigade. They are the Brigade Commander's advisor on matters of cadet morale and welfare. The occupant of this billet invariably holds the pay grade of E-9, and is appointed in the ranks of Cadet Command Sergeant Major (c/CSM), Cadet Sergeant Major (c/SgtMaj), Cadet Command Master Chief Petty Officer (c/CMCPO), or Cadet Command Chief Master Sergeant (c/CCM), dependent on their branch.

2018 - c/CSM Eric Mains, Kearny High School

2017 - c/CSM Fausto Reyes, San Diego High School

2016 - c/CMC John Hagerty, Point Loma High School

2015 - c/CMC Denise Olinga, Patrick Henry High School

2014 - c/CCM Ernest Lagdameo, Mira Mesa High School

2013 - c/CMCPO Rachel Romero, Serra High School

2012 - c/CMCPO Tayo Oyekan, Serra High School

2011 - c/CSCPO Nicholas Rounds, Patrick Henry High School

2010 - c/CMCPO Samantha Parks, Patrick Henry High School

2009 - c/CSM Matthew Rohner, San Diego High School

2008 - c/CMCPO Joe Lee, Serra High School

2007 - c/CMCPO Joe Lee, Serra High School

2006 - c/CMCPO Justin Toby, Patrick Henry High School

2005 - c/CSM Suzanne Ogot, Morse High School

2004 - c/CSM Cindy Valenzuela-Diaz, Hoover High School

2003 - c/CSM Yarin Sanchez, Lincoln High School

2002 - c/CSM Jaynee Punzal

2001 - c/CSM Brian Andrade, Morse High School

2000 - c/CSM Donald Parker, Kearny High School

1999 - c/CMCPO Kellie Parks, Serra High School

1998 - c/CSM David Dunning, Kearny High School

1997 - c/CSM Joseph Jimeniez, Morse High Schoool

1996 - c/CSM Maryann Diloy, Morse High School

1995 - c/CSM Lori Mislan, Morse High School

1994 - c/CSM Mark Ng, Morse High School

1993 - c/CSM Bryan Lucena, Morse High School